Road Map

Phase 1:

  • Creation and management of the community-exclusive website and social media accounts.
  • Partnership with StarkNet projects and protocols.
  • Launch: Mint date will be announced.
  • Rarity chart will be published.
  • Listing on Secondary marketplace.

Phase 2:

  • Launch project partnerships.
  • Launch our Audits service.
  • There will be regular draws for holders in the community every month.

Phase 3:

  • Publish our launchpad platform.
  • Insure feature will be activated.
  • To guarantee the highest quality product, we’ll collaborate with unique high-quality designers and manufacturers to create an online StarkGuardians merch store.

Phase 4:

  • For StarkGuardians holders, StarkDefenders will be airdropped.
  • Donations will be made to a community-selected charity, and more...